About This Artwork

Marc Chagall
French, born Vitebsk, Russia (present-day Belarus), 1887–1985

America Windows, 1977

Stained glass
96 x 385 in. (244 x 978 cm) (overall)
Signed, each pair, l.r.: "MArc ChAgAll/Reims/1977"

A gift of Marc Chagall, the City of Chicago, and the Auxiliary Board of The Art Institute of Chicago, commemorating the American Bicentennial in memory of Mayor Richard J. Daley, 1977.938

© 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Publication History

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Ownership History

Given to the Art Institute, as a commission, by Marc Chagall, the City of Chicago, and the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute, 1977.

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