About This Artwork

Sekino Jun'ichiro
Japanese, 1914-1988

Drawing for Eizo and Matsuomaru, 1947

Watercolor on paper
56.2 x 69 cm (22 1/18 x 27 1/8 in.)

Japanese Print Purchase Fund, 1955.1216

Sekino Junichiro was drawn to the stage, as evidenced by this print from a series showing bunraku (puppet-theater) performances. Here, the puppeteer Yoshida Eizo handles the puppet Matsuomaru, a medieval warrior. This drawing was likely produced or based on one made during the performance. A sketch similar to the drawing might have been pasted onto the woodblock and then carved through. Once a woodblock is inked, a sheet of paper is placed face down over it and rubbed from the back to pick up the color. Using this method, the sketches or drawings for prints are mirror images of the finished product, as in this case.

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