About This Artwork

David Hockney
English, born 1937

American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman), 1968

Acrylic on canvas
213.4 x 304.8 cm (83 7/8 x 120 in.)

Restricted gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Pick, 1984.182

© David Hockney

One of England’s most versatile and inventive artists of the postwar era, David Hockney settled in Los Angeles in 1964. Perhaps the most iconic example from a group of double portraits of friends and associates from the 1960s, this painting depicts the contemporary-art collectors Fred and Marcia Weisman in the sculpture garden of their Los Angeles home. As relentlessly stiff and still as the objects surrounding them, the couple stands apart, his stance echoed in the totem pole to the right, hers in the Henry Moore sculpture behind her. Her toothy smile also mirrors that of the totem pole. Brilliant, raking light flattens and abstracts the scene; this light, rather than any affinity between the collectors, who seem oblivious to each other and their art, unites the composition.

— Permanent collection label

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