Founded in 1973, the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute of Chicago is the oldest and most recognized charitable board of its kind in the nation. The board comprises approximately 60 accomplished professionals who represent a broad cross-section of Chicago’s civic, corporate, and philanthropic leadership. Since 2004, the Auxiliary Board has raised more than $1.5 million to support the museum and special exhibitions. The board continued this fundraising tradition with its 40th anniversary celebration in 2013; the event, a masked ball, was held Saturday, October 12, in the Modern Wing, and benefitted Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938.

Through all its events and activities, the Auxiliary Board works not only to support the Art Institute with meaningful financial contributions, but also to generate excitement, promote cohesiveness, and engage its membership. While helping identify future museum leaders, the board also pursues its mission to enrich the lives of those in Chicago’s many distinct communities through exposure to art and art education and to usher new, young, and diverse audiences into the museum.

The Auxiliary Board is well known for hosting some of Chicago’s most legendary events, which regularly attract large and enthusiastic turnouts. The annual Holiday Treasure Hunt and Tea Party, in which children and families from throughout the city spend a day exploring the museum, creating art, and celebrating the holidays, was started by the city’s former first lady Maggie Daley and celebrated its 34th year in December 2015. The event has grown over the years and now welcomes more than 1,000 participants, making it a hallmark of the holiday season for both the Auxiliary Board and the Art Institute.

The Auxiliary Board is also proud to sponsor Uncorked: A Case for Wine, a signature annual event now in its eighth year. Last year, Uncorked hosted approximately 300 energetic and entrepreneurial art lovers, and the buzz surrounding the event’s unique location and incredible wine and food pairings continues to grow. Uncorked has sold out since 2012—before invitations were even mailed—and a similarly enthusiastic response is expected for 2017.

The Auxiliary Board represents the best of Chicago’s shared civic commitment to the city’s world-class cultural institutions. Forward-thinking, innovative, and focused, Auxiliary Board members are dedicated to the continued success of their mission and the longevity of the museum. The Auxiliary Board takes great pride in increasing visits, memberships, and financial contributions to the Art Institute from an ever-expanding array of patrons throughout Chicagoland and the world.

Membership by invitation only

Contact the Auxiliary Board office at (312) 443-3674 or auxiliaryboard@artic.edu for inquiries regarding upcoming events and activities.