In 1994, the Art Institute established a committee comprised of African American community leaders with the mission to promote and sustain diversity within the institution. Launched with a grant from the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Fund, the initiative continues today as the Leadership Advisory Committee (LAC).

The Leadership Advisory Committee of the Art Institute provides counsel, fresh perspectives, and support to the museum on all matters related to the engagement and advancement of African Americans in the life of the institution.

The LAC believes diversity in vision, collections, exhibitions, staffing, and audience is critical to the future and well-being of all American cultural institutions, and it is committed to engaging the broadest and most diverse audience in support of this vision via marketing, development, and educational programming.

Membership by invitation only

Contact Erica Hubbard at (312) 443-3133 or ehubba@artic.edu for more information about upcoming activities.