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Make your family visit to the Art Institute a fun-filled adventure—fly through the galleries like a superhero; travel back, or forward, in time; or discover strange and wondrous beasts. Visit the museum's Ryan Learning Center or start your museum adventure at home with JourneyMaker, an innovative new digital interactive that empowers you to create your own one-of-a-kind adventure with works of art.

Choose from among eight story-lines to create a personalized family museum tour. JourneyMaker equips you with your own customized guide that leads you to the works of art you’ve selected for your adventure and gives you ideas for looking at and responding to artworks together as a family. With thousands of possible journey combinations, the museum is never the same place twice. Whether you are first time visitors or a frequent museum-going family, you’ll discover the Art Institute afresh with JourneyMaker.

Generous support for JourneyMaker is provided by the Woman’s Board of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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