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2001 Exhibition History

Exhibition TitleDatesCataloguesPhotographsPress ReleaseRelated Corre- spondence
Chicago Architects: Voices on PaperJune 3, 2000-March 200100  
Legends, Folklore, and Real Life Stories, The Coretta Scott King Award BooksJuly 29, 2000-Feb.25, 200120  
Skyscrapers: The New MillenniumAug.19, 2000-Jan.15, 200100  
Clothed to Rule the Uiverse: Ming and Qing Dynasty Textiles at the Art InstituteSept.13, 2000-Jan.2, 200110  
FOCUS: Stan DouglasSept.20, 2000-Jan.2, 200120  
After the Crash, prints, photographs and books of the Great Depression (WPA)Oct.21, 2000-Jan.28, 200100  
Taoism and the Arts of ChinaNov. 4,2000-Jan. 7,200120  
Afghanistan under the Taliban: A Selection of Photographs from Fazal Sheikh's The Victor WeepsNov. 18,2000-Feb. 2,200100  
Library: From Scroll to Codex: The Evolution of the Book FormNov. 27,2000 - Jan.22,200100  
SAIC Group Exhibition: Hans Ashkiem, Andres Duque, Gabriel Fowler, Jonee Kim, Josh Sheldon, Jane Talbot, Tracy TaylorDec. 15,2000-Jan.17,200100  
SAIC: Minimal Provocations, Robert BlanchonDec. 15,2000-Jan. 31,200120  
Library: Cottage, Mansion, Villa: American Pattern-Book HomesJan. 22-March 12,200100  
SAIC: 2001 Spaced OdditiesJan. 26-Mar. 8, 200120  
Photography: The Model WifeFeb. 10 -May 10, 20012OS0  
SAIC: The Art of Connection: Looking InFeb.18-Mar.3, 200110  
Beyond the Easel: Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Ker Xavier Roussel, and Edouard VuillardFeb. 22-May 16, 200120  
An International Collection of Appliqued,Embroidered, and Pieced BedcoveringsFeb. 28-May 28, 200120  
SAIC: Open Cities: HKG ORDFeb. 16-Mar. 17, 200110  
SAIC: Artwalk/Artwindows at Michigan Avenue and Oak StreetMarch-April, 200100  
Recent Acquisitions: American ArtMar. 10 -July 22, 200100  
Library: Books of "The Prophets": Nabis Book IllustrationMar. 12-May 14, 200100  
SAIC: Theo Cowley, Jeffrey Earhart, Valerie Hegarty, Johee Kim, Kelly Kirshtner, Rudy Shepherd, Ron Song, Ronnie WrightMar. 15-April 28, 200120  
Junior Museum: Voices of the Heart, Ed YoungMar.17 -Sept.16, 20012CL0  
2001: Building for Space TravelMar. 24-Oct. 21, 200120  
SAIC: Face OffMar. 29-May 9, 20014CL0  
SAIC: Undergraduate and Graduate ExhibitionsApril 1-13, 2001
& May 6-18, 2001
SAIC: Paradise Lost? E-commerce and the Web (on-line exhibition)Apr. 6-May 31, 200120  
FOCUS: Rineke DijkstraApr.11-July 29,200120  
SAIC: Gallery 1926: White LightApr.27-May 19,200120  
SAIC: Art Bash 2001: First-Year ProgramApr. 27-May 11,200100  
Library: That's Entertainment: From Fairy Tale Castles to Corporate HeadquartersMay 14-June 30,200100  
SAIC: Contemporary Art and Celebrity CultureMay 18-July 11, 200140  
SAIC, Gallery 2: Group Exhibition: Collmer, Delk, Hegarty, McClernan, Powell, Rhee, Swanson, TamMay 18-July 11, 200120  
Edward Weston: The Last Years in CarmelJune 2-Sept.16, 20012OS0  
The Idea of Louis Sullivan: Photographs from John Szarkowsky's BookJune 9-Sept. 23, 200100  
Hiratsuka Un'ichi: Modern Master, Part I and IIJune 16-July 29 &
Aug. 4-Sept. 16, 2001
Library: Louis H. Sullivan: Word and OrnamentJuly 31-Oct.15, 200100  
SAIC: Faculty Sabbatical ExhibitionAug. 17-Oct.10, 200120  
Library: A Ryerson CenturyOct. 15-Dec.17, 200100  
SAIC: MortalOct. 19?Nov. 28, 200140  
SAIC: Four Corners of the World, Alumni of the SchoolNov. 9-Dec.6, 200120